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Welcome to Dahlia, a few things to note ahead of your appointment: 

We are open 100% appointment only. 

All piercing services, downsizes, consultations, and installs ALL need to be booked online through our appointment system. We absolutely can not and will not pierce you if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol   or you are pregnant. 


** You must 18 years of age or older to book an appointment.

Here are the simple steps to guide you through your appointment: 

Please eat a nice meal within four hours of your appointment and be hydrated.

Keeping your blood sugar levels at a good place and being hydrated before coming in to receive a piercing is super important to help prevent any ill feelings from occurring after you get pierced.


Show up for your appointment on time but not early.

You will not be allowed in early. But trust that we have allotted plenty of time for your unique and individual appointment, don’t feel rushed. If you are more than ten minutes late, we will have to reschedule the appointment. 


Fill out your release form ahead of time.

Filling out the release form in advance saves time. If you do not fill it out in advance we will have you fill it out on your phone in the studio before your service. Please do not forget to bring the appropriate documentation. We will not be able to provide piercing services without them.

When you arrive for your appointment please look for the double, glass front doors with our name and logo. You must be buzzed in to enter. Please knock and we will buzzed you in as soon as we can.


*Please do not bring food with you. 

Please do not bring any minors that are not receiving a piercing: We will not be able to safely perform any piercing if there is an unattended minor in the shop.

It is extremely important that you DO NOT touch, handle, or remove, your piercings, or jewelry while you are in the studio.

Once we have completed your documentation, we will walk you through the process of picking out jewelry for your new or existing piercing; just as we always have. While our piercer prepares for your services, we will  go over pricing information, aftercare, answer questions, etc. 

(Please be sure to bring all of the appropriate documentation or we may have to refuse service.)


Are you bringing in jewelry with you?

We never pierce with outside jewelry. If you are coming in to have your own jewelry installed into an existing piercing you must have it in a sealed container, hold onto the container, do not set the container down, do not open the container or touch the jewelry inside of the container. The piercer will retrieve the container from you to clean/process the jewelry before installing it


We are humans too, we understand that things happen, sometimes crazy things happen at the last minute and are unexpected. We all need to be a little more adaptable to some of the major changes going on right now.

We do not want to charge cancelation fees but we will absolutely have to if you do not call and do not show up to your appointment OR if you fail to follow any of the rules outlined above. When you book an appointment you agree to all of these policies and give us permission to charge you a cancellation fee if you do not follow these policies. 

Anyone getting pierced or having jewelry installed into a piercing must

provide proof of age and identification.


Acceptable identification includes the following:

■ Driver’s license

■ Passport

■ State issued identification card

Please know that there is absolutely ZERO wiggle room in regards to these rules and policies. Please do not ask for any exceptions to be made to these rules and policies. These rules are for our safety as well as yours. Failure to read and follow these rules will result in you not being admitted to the studio and potentially being charged a cancelation fee. 


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