Anyone getting pierced or having jewelry inserted into a piercing must

provide proof of age and identification. This includes minors!


In order to be pierced you must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid photo ID.

Acceptable identification includes the following:

■ Driver’s license

■ Passport

■ State issued identification card

■ Military identification card


Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian and must

provide identification and proof of age and relationship to the guardian

in the form of a birth certificate or legal adoption records in order to be pierced. 

This is according to the Laws set by the State of Tennessee.

Acceptable identification and proof of age and relationship includes the following:

■ Any of the forms of acceptable identification listed above from both parent and minor

along with a birth certificate or legal adoption records.

■ A school issued photo ID or yearbook picture accompanied by a birth certificate is

acceptable identification for minors younger than driving age.


Age requirements are subject to change.

Current age requirements are as follows:

Must be 18 years of age or older with proper identification to receive any of the

following piercings:

■ Microdermal (single point) piercings

■ Surface piercings

■ Nipple piercings

■ Genital piercings

■ Cheek Piercings

13 years of age or older with parental consent and proper identification

■ Earlobe piercings (no larger than 10 gauge)

■ Ear cartilage piercings

■ Navel piercings

■ Facial piercings

■ Oral piercings (no cheek piercings under 18)

Minors age 5-12 with parental consent and proper identification (birth certificate for a

minor who is wanting earlobe piercing is sufficient identification)

■ Earlobes (18, 16 or 14 gauge only) Minors must be old enough to request and consent

to the piercing and understand how to care for them while they are healing.



We do not give refunds or exchanges on any Jewelry or Service Fees.

 JEWELRY SALES ARE FINAL with the exception of jewelry that is defective. We guarantee

all Stainless Steel, Niobium, Titanium, and Gold jewelry

against manufacturers defects. Defective jewelry will be repaired or replaced.