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The following steps will hope to serve as a guide to helping you change out your nostril jewelry:

We recommend making sure you have a quiet place where you can sit down and get close to a mirror while you are doing this. You don’t want to rush through it, give yourself some time. The bathroom sink isn't the best spot but if it's your only option then place a towel in the sink just in case. 


1. Wash your hands. Always wash your hands before touching your piercing.

2. You should have received a transfer tool that has a loop on one side and a small pin on the other side. You can remove the old piece of jewelry by firmly grasping the front and the back in between two fingers (one hand on the front and another on the back) and then pull the two pieces apart from each other. Or you can use the loop end of the transfer tool to loop around the post inside the nostril in between the disk and your skin.


​3. Firmly grasp the transfer tool and the end on the outside and pull the two pieces apart. Hold onto the inside post as you guide it out of the nostril. 


4. Put the small pin side through the piercing hole from front to back. 


5. Place the hollow part of the flatback post onto the pin on the underside of the nostril and push the transfer tool out the outside of the nostril with the piece of jewelry. (push don’t pull).


6. Slide the slightly bent pin of the end into the hollow post. Don’t forget to hold the back so it doesn't fall out. And make sure the end is completely pressed together to the post with none of the pin showing. If it’s hard to push together you can straighten the pin slightly or use gauze to wrap and cover the jewelry and get a better grasp. 


7. You can store the transfer tool for future use.

Congrats you just changed your jewelry! Thanks again for purchasing jewelry and please let us know if you need anything else piercing or jewelry related! 



Below is a video that our friends in Michigan made about seam rings:

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